Preserving Lemons - in Jars, on Film

About a month ago, I finally put some of the skills I learned at the Alentejo Workshop to good use - in my first solo photo shoot for an article on preserved lemons, published in Paste Magazine.

I had hoped rather than expected to jump into this quickly, and in the end, I imagined what would be a three-day venture (a day for making lists and testing out angles, a day for buying props, a day for shooting) turned into one long day of inspiration.

Once I'd set up a "test" shot I simply couldn't stop. Suddenly I was covering windows and moving furniture, standing up backgrounds and throwing tablecloths over my kitchen counters. I dashed out to KaDeWe, Berlin's best department store that also just happens to be steps from where we live, and proceeded to buy a couple of "props" (read: items I really wanted anyway but can now offer up an excuse for purchasing as they are "work").

The little white mortar and pestle, ramekin and silver citrus juicer were all new, for example. The linen tablecloth was a wedding gift, the Provençal pattern a simple swathe of cloth my mom had never used, which she once gave to me and which I'd saved in hopes I'd make pillow covers out of it (no longer). The big blue-and-white bowl, as well as it fits in this faintly French-inspired scene, is an old GDR model. The beautifully patterned jar on the left? A souvenir from a ceramic market in Córdoba several years ago.

Click on the embedded preview above for a link to the article, the thumbnail page below for a link to a gallery of "outtakes" - photos that weren't chosen, but nonetheless make me very proud to have ventured down this particular path.