Autumn in Berlin

Recently, my friend Nicole took some truly lovely photographs of me marveling at leaves in (what is left of) the wilds surrounding Hauptbahhof on the north side of the Spree. Although they are not my own photos, I feel compelled to share them here:

In what proved to be an exceptionally cold but still beautiful day, we walked all the way from her house near Zionskirchplatz to my house near Hauptbahnhof, and then continued along the river all the way until the bridge in Moabit that eventually leads back to Turmstrasse, where we caught a bus back to the main station, the only place with an open supermarket on a Sunday, to do the grocery shopping.

Between 18:15 and 21:15 I then cooked a truly exceptional meal (if I do say so myself), consisting of:

- Home-baked bread, courtesy of this recipe

- Roasted tomato and pepper soup with drizzled balsamic vinegar, fresh sage, and fresh sheep cheese (courtesy of our Brandenburg garden and our Brandenburg farmer, respectively), accompanied by slivers of cured Brandenburg beef shank

- Pear upside-down cake, a modified version of this recipe

- Raw-milk sage ice cream, again with sage from the garden and raw milk from our favorite farmer

I don’t know what it is about fall weather and co-habiting, but both have combined to drive me into a furious flurry of cooking and baking. The boyfriend, unsurprisingly, does not object.