Silvester on Video

Happy New Year! Updates are coming soon about Christmas, my birthday, and everything in between (okay, that’s only one day), but in the meantime check out two very amateur, slightly manic videos I made on the 31st to try to capture the spirit of hope, renewal and unbelievably loud noise that characterize the war zone that is Berlin on Sylvester.

The first was taken from my balcony in the early evening and narrated by me. You can tell that the action starts pretty early over here.

The second was taken spontaneously in Alexanderplatz just a half hour before Berlin would ring in the New Year. In Germany, as you heard in the last video, we wish each other “Guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr,” which actually means “good slip–or slide–into the new year.” I almost made this literal by taking up an invitation to go sledding in Kreuzberg’s Viktoria Park at around midnight, but instead I celebrated a bit more traditionally by dancing the night away–and of course receiving a midnight kiss from a very special someone–at a club on Oranienstraße.

Ich wünsche euch ein schönes, liebevolles, neues Jahr! (I wish you all a beautiful, loving new year!)