Random Thought Collection One Week Later

Random sampling of a series of thoughts that went through my head on the 9th of November (in no particular order):

“I want pancakes.”
“Oh great, this place has pancakes.”
“Wait a minute. These aren’t pancakes; these are crepes.”
“I’m too hungry to care, I’ll eat them anyway.”

“Everything looks fairly normal, and no one is doing anything special on the streets. I don’t know what I’m expecting; people hugging each other and crying like it’s 1989 all over again? I feel like the ordinary greeting shouldn’t suffice today. In fact, maybe the Austrian “Gruss Gott” is actually perfect for this occasion. But what should people say, in fact? ‘Greetings on the glorious and momentous occasion of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the wall’?”

“Why does it seem like most Germans don’t care? Is this one of those holidays that only exists in the minds of TV newscasters and reporters everywhere?”

“Oh great. It’s raining. Perfect.”

“There has never been this much traffic in Berlin. Ever.”

“Wow, I can’t believe I’ve never biked this section of the wall before. There’s nothing but a field here. When my parents were in Berlin I kept on trying to take them to these sections of Berlin that were just a lot of weeds and sand dunes and mud pits. I would take them there and say something like ‘Look! Isn’t it just amazing?! We’re in the middle of the city and there is nothing here!’ Once their reply was ‘when are we going to eat lunch?’”

“Berlin must be the only Western capital that has these vast tracts of empty land, but does that make it a developing city, instead of a developed one? Would that put Berlin behind the likes of Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing?”

“How could anyone ever leave Berlin? Whenever I hear someone is leaving Berlin, I wonder where they go afterwards. It’s kind of like that quote about New York, how ‘the true New Yorker hears about someone living in another city and thinks secretly, in the back of his mind, that this person must, in a sense, be joking.’”

“Great, now it’s raining and dark and cold.”

“This is as close as I’m going to get to Brandenburger Tor. I haven’t seen this many people in the streets since Obama won the election and I celebrated in New York. Maybe if I squint my eyes just a bit and kind of zone out, I can imagine what it was like 20 years ago.”

“I will spend the rest of my life regretting not being there 20 years ago.”

“Why is it that every single article I read on the wall falling is some author trying to prove that he or she was the most ‘there’ of all the people who were there? It’s like some kind of competition with a first prize that can never be determined unless all other competitors concede defeat. All the ‘I remember’s’ and ‘I was there when’s’ remind me of coverage of September 11 in the years following. Both of them are equally pointless.”

“I smell meat. Oh look: it’s one of those walking grillmen. I want a bratwurst, but I only have a 20 Euro bill on me, and they cost 1.20. I wonder whether the grillmen can give you change and your food at the same time.”

“Why am I here today? Nothing that special is happening. I could have been up in the country in bed with my boyfriend, but instead I’m traipsing along in the middle of cold, rainy, soggy Berlin.”

"Is this Mauer Mob even happening? Should I stay to try to catch a glimpse of the fireworks? It's too cold for any of that. I'm going home."